Bustles to Bras

200 Years of the Feminine Silhouette

Wilmington, Delaware

Fashion history presentations
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About Karen

Karen Jessee of Wilmington, Delaware
Karen Jessee


  • Taught English, theatre, writing and playwriting.
  • Nominated for Teacher of the Year.
  • Recipient of the NBC National Teacher Award.
  • Worked and taught behind the scenes in regional theatres.

Business Woman

  • Created Simply Organized.
  • Speaker, workshop leader, and writer on organizing.
  • Recipient of writing awards from Delaware Press Association.

Living history presentations
Under the Skirt with Roxanna Hurst

Living History Presenter

  • Speaker with two colleagues for the Delaware Humanities Forum on historical clothing of the 1860s.
  • Presented The Under the Skirt Tour of the Civil War to over 60 historical societies, groups, and organizations, and won a First Place National Writing Award for the script.
  • Now Close to the Vest & Under the Skirt featuring both menís and womenís clothing. (www.GrandOakPlantation.com)
Historical clothing in Delaware
Close to the Vest with Thomas Tear

Fashion History Presenter

  • Traveled to England for historic fashion study with Jennie Chancey, creator of Regency patterns for Simplicity.
  • Participated in the annual Jane Austen Promenade in Bath England. (see video)
  • Combined extensive research with images and photos from museums, fashion institutes and private collections to create Bustles to Bras.
Karen Jessee of Wilmington, Delaware
Bath Abbey in England

Karen Jessee of Wilmington, Delaware

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